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Hello from Countrymen Innovations! We have been turkey hunting for over 25 years, and tried decoys in the past... Sure they work some of the time, but they also work against you at times. The birds today seem to be getting sharper to today's decoys.

About 5 years ago, we came up with this concept knowing that the decoy had to have some movement. The response our Pro Staff gets with the Jake Intimidator is like nothing we've ever seen! If you try the Jake Intimidator you'll LOVE it!

Here's why:

- Motion that you control very easily.
- For the turkey hunter who only has a couple of days to hunt per season - this decoy puts the odds in your favor BIG TIME!
- Works great on birds that 'hang up', because you can control it to appear and disappear.
- Set-up is quick and easy!
- Folds for easy storage.

"Innovated BY hunters FOR hunters!"

Jake Intimidator and 2 Timer Box Call Early Bird Special

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